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Innovative and intelligent design.

We desire a place that facilitates the meeting of people and that exceeds our needs, at the same time as being secure, healthy and prosperous, a place that brings material and spiritual comfort. Finally, a place where urban amenities co-exist in harmony with the environment, respecting the interests of current and future generations. Welcome to the Creative City Pedra Branca!

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We dreamed of building not just another real estate project but a community where people could live, work, study and have fun, in harmony with nature and within easy reach of walks.

A new centrality – a model that can contribute to reducing displacement, also inspiring other large and medium scale Brazilian cities and besides which can provide for an extraordinary quality of life for its residents and users.

Therefore, sustainability has been the inspiration and continues to be the long term goal of our business. In order to make the Pedra Branca development a reality, we searched references in various countries, researching how to find a balance between urban occupation, respect for the environment and being people focussed.

We found within the New Urbanism movement, references to guide our work, to outline innovative concepts and practises in the planning and construction of sustainable communities. With the contribution of an outstanding team of architects and engineers, and of professionals from various areas, we are constructing step by step the community that we dreamt of. For its strategy of sustainability is scaled to the district and its infrastructure – ecodistrict, buildings – green buildings – and the education of its green users, our company was invited by the Clinton Foundation to take part in its Climate Positive Development initiative, in which communities undertake not only to minimise their impact on the environment, but to implement solutions that help to reduce the damage caused by greenhouse gases. We feel honoured to be among only 18 Founder projects around the world, the first development within Latin America to take part in the initiative, and take on the challenge to further advance the implementation of practises that contribute to sustainability for the planet.


We believe in a City for the People, socialising and the interchange of ideas should be plentiful and different specialisations should be connected. This is an environment conducive to the emergence of new business, conforming to the creative city.

But we want to go further by building one of the best places to live, improving the city for people. We know that the basis of sustainability also involves the economic and social dimension and we need to radiate this knowledge.

Our development has contributed to the economic development of the region by means of job creation and the establishment of new businesses. In the social dimension, besides support for non-profit organisations active within the city, we take an active part as partners in the process of development and the integration of low income communities within our surroundings. For us, adopting the concept of sustainability is at the same time both simple and very complicated.

It is simple because it reflects our belief in the possible balance between people´s wellbeing and protection of the environment, complex because we are obliged as a company to always seek for best practises and technologies to ensure this balance.


Mission, Vision & Values


To improve the city for people.


To be one of the best places to live by 2020.


We believe that it is always possible to do better.
We achieve results through collaborative and innovative environments.
We act with humility and respect in all our relationships.
We value the integrity of people and of processes.
We cherish sustainability and quality of life.


The creation of a district city where residents can live, work, study and have fun, all in one place, since the start has guided the creation of the City Pedra Branca district.
There are many Concepts that support the development of Pedra Branca, but taken from among them are the 10 that we consider the most relevant:

1 - Pedestrian Priority: a warm secure place, designed for people to walk.caminharem

To encourage travel by walking providing a compelling sensory experience, with reduced car use, moving away from closed and sedentary environments. Clean, safe, tree lined streets with reduced noise, ample pavements, comfortable street furniture, sufficient lighting, signage and complete accessibility. Thereby providing, via a 10 minute walk, everything we need on a day to day basis.

2 - Mixed Use: a mixture of dwellings and work places – a Complete City.

Fully combined use and mutually configured in blocks and buildings, grouped in a healthy function mixture (residence, commerce, offices, leisure, education, etc.), which complete each other.
An invitation to the people coming and going that cannot be refused, making the act of walking useful and pleasant.

3 - Attractive and safe Public Spaces.

The city flourishes in the public spaces. Meeting point for the different people; urban reference milestones; a stage for cultural manifestations and stimulation of the contact with nature and with other people. All senses are awakened by smells, colors, sounds and shapes provided by a joyful combination of cafés, squares, shops, parks, restaurants, wide sidewalks full of trees and gardens. Safe and attractive environments, which bring animation, surprise and well-being to body and soul.

4 - Diversity of Residents: all ages, all incomes and family sizes – a City Complex.

People of different classes, ages, cultures and races living together, bringing a surprising richness of ideas, needs and interests to the space. A place like this is joyful, charming and full of alternatives for relationship and makes numberless and varied aspects of the urban life feasible with high social quality.

5 - Sense of Community: building a place where people can meet – a Social City.

The satisfaction to feel integrated to a unique place, being recognized by and recognizing most of your neighbors. A place that provides varied possibilities for meetings and experience.
A place, where the people know their history and domain their destiny. A place with vigor that gathers and empowers its inhabitants´ physical, intellectual and creative energy.

6 - Balanced Density – a Compact City.

The more varied and concentrated the diversity of use and people, the more live and interesting the place. A quantity of consumers and users are primary requirements for the urban equipment feasibility, either for a park, a square, a shop, a café or a movie theater. Multi-family and commercial buildings perfectly fit this requirement. Density and concentration are also important for the environmental preservation, because they provide better energetic performance, reduce the emission of hazardous gases, optimize the public transport and the water, power, telephone networks, etc. In addition, smaller land area is occupied by buildings and helps making the means of group transport more efficient, less expensive and generating less traffic jams in the cities, as well as the safety of the place.

7 - Harmony between the natural and urban amenities

Peculiar visual perspectives formed by the surrounding nature, framed by the architectonic expression of the buildings. Natural light, fresh and clean air, freely circulating among the buildings, conveniently placed among streets, parks, gardens and squares. Buildings, which seek better orientation of the sun and the dominant wind. A balance between green and built areas. Richness of parks with native plants. Shadows with trees along the sidewalks offering comfort and contemplation. Proximity of the wild and urban life.

8 - Sustainability and high performance of the built environment.

Buildings designed and built using materials and techniques with low environmental cost, low energy consumptions, low generation of greenhouse effect gases. Buildings with high internal environment quality, long life, fit for different use and reuse. Intensive use of natural lighting and ventilation, solar heating, rain water, management of solid residues and many other items within the recommendations of the LEED® system, the world most important green building certification company. Respect to the natural landscape, the surface and ground waters and the wild life. Pedra Branca was prepared to supply mineral water and was provided with water and sewage treatment in its enterprises.

9 - Connectivity.

Integration by a web of roads to other districts of the city, enabling multiple alternatives to go and return. Use of intelligent group transport, integrated to the metropolitan region and stimulation of the bicycle transport by means of a wide route of bicycle roads.
The city transforms into a constellation of multiple centers, each one with its calling, complementing each other. An environment that provides higher integration by means of public transport, integrating bicycle roads, shared bicycles and bicycle racks at the bus and Subway stations, as well as connection by means of WI-FI on the streets, squares and other public spaces.

10 - Lifestyle: I am Pedra Branca – Creative City.

A more live and connected city, adequate to the people´s everyday life, where walking gains strength and cars are invited to remain in the garages. A healthier life. An environment that provides higher integration. Recent studies point out that longevity with quality of life depends 17% on genetics.
The other 83% depend on healthy practices and sports activities, balanced food and less stressful and more satisfying life style. Pedra Branca can help a lot.


Pedra Branca: The first project in Latin America to take part

in the Climate Positive Programme of the Clinton Foundation.

Encontro dos C40 em Seul, Coreia do Sul – 20/05/2009:A meeting of the C40 in Seoul, South Korea – 20/05/2009: Bill Clinton, former US President (centre); Richard Fedrizii, President of the USGBC; Oh Se-Hoon, Mayor of Seoul; David Miller, Mayor of Toronto; Boris Johnson, Major of London; and representatives of the 18 projects selected.