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(Português) Office Green reduz gastos com sistema de automação

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New decorated apartment ready to view at Pedra Branca.

The architects Mariana Schwartz and Maria Luiza Tremel de Faria were assigned the project located at the Gardênia building, at Pátio das Flores.

Technology is one of the highlights of the 147 m2 apartment located at Pátio das Flores in the Creative City Pedra Branca, decorated by the architects Mariana Schwartz and Maria Luiza Tremel de Faria, it is open to visitors. The Oneon Home System allows for sole control by the resident to command the entrance door, the blinds, the air conditioning and the lights for the apartment.
The cosy apartment has three bedrooms decorated with contemporary classical inspiration, based on light and earthy tones with a splash of colour, chosen to please and inspire future residents. Upon entering the space the visitor is faced with a harmonious living space, integrated throughout the various environments that support family living. TV room, dining room and home office form a complete living space with different functions. “We thought of a modern family then decorated this space so that different activities can be carried out, so the residents can live with quality time”, stated Mariana.


Mostra Casa&Cia at Passeio

Where do people prefer to live? What is the image of decoration for such people? What is most important in a city? These are some of the questions that the Casa e Cia Show event, held this year on 11 September, will pose for the public, in addition to the launch of trends.

The Show held for 12 years now by the RBS Group (formerly the Casa Nova Show) occurs in two places at once: the Spring Garden (Highway SC-401) and at Passeio Pedra Branca (Palhoça). According to the curator for the event, the architect Abreu Jr., the decision was taken to observe the economic development and architecture of Grande Florianópolis, at the same time at both of these locations.

This year the Show has current affairs as its concept. The house and the house of houses (the city). The main idea is to prompt people to think of the world of the home. In total there will be over 4 thousand square metres divided into approximately 40 environments, in all for the two locations.

The Spring Garden will have 25 environments divided into two model apartments, space for sponsors and a restaurant open to the public. On the mainland, Passeio will be transformed into a decorative space. During the event cultural street interventions will happen and urban mobility actions. Besides this the public can go and visit the 10 decorated bicycle environments. The start of the route commences with an exhibition at Green office, the first pre-certified LEED commercial building of Santa Catarina. The circuit also includes a visit to a garden apartment at the Pátio das Flores, a tour of the new beauty salon and ends at the Showroom, with a decorated apartment plan for the next launch at Pedra Branca.

The Casa & Cia Show will become part of the schedule of exhibitions in the area of architecture and decor held by the RBS. With this change the Santa Catarina scene for interiors and architecture, as well as for professionals, companies and shops for the sector will expand in relevance domestically.


Pedra Branca is ready for transmission of the Cup Final

The giant screen installed at the Cidade Universitária Pedra Branca will transmit the games for the finals of the FIFA 2014 World Cup at the end of the week. Throughout the World Cup the site was a local reference for supporters from Grande Florianópolis, gathering from 600 up to 1,000 people for the most important games of the competition. Besides the 5×3 metre giant LED screen, there will be a penalty competition and an exchange of trading cards for the Cup.


The day that Brazil lost it´s sixth

8th July 2014: a date that will never be forgotten by Brazilian fans. By 17:00hrs everything was ready for a celebration. The fans dressed up, flags wrapped around the bodies of fans. The fans stood and sang the anthem with the same emotion, cradling the team, wearing the definitive shirt.
The animation that gripped the Central Plaza of the Cidade Universitária Pedra Branca began to diminish when, 10 minutes into the first half, after a stupid defensive error by the Brazilian side the German Thomas Müller opened the scoring. Four more followed. With every goal conceded the Brazilian fans saw their hopes of a sixth title disappear, but deep down a thread of hope persisted, as Brazilians do not give up easily.

In the second half the team improved its performance with more possession but missed many opportunities, as they were all stopped by the German defender Neuer and the old saying “against the run of pay” became true. Germany improved again and got two more goals. So much for hopes of winning a sixth title in front of a home crowd, which by the way were the better part of the Brazilian team in this World Cup. Oscar achieved a consolation goal 45 minutes into the second half, but the sorrow and disappointment were so great that the fans didn´t cheer. Finally, it was the worst defeat in the history of the Brazilian side.
Smiles that accompanied the Brazilian fans leaving the Pedra Branca after the five previous games of this World Cup, gave way to sadness for the vast majority who came to support Brazil against Germany. The vast majority, as in the middle of the near 1,000 fans in yellow, only two emerged victorious: a father and son dressed in the German team strip. Neither did they believe the humiliating rout.

What we saw at the Stadium in Minais Gerais was a team completely lost under the pressure of competing for a World Cup at home, combined with the absence of Neymar and the captain Thiago Silva. Besides the 7 – 1 defeat, 200 million Brazilians watched the player Miroslav Klose get his 16th goal in the World Cup, beating the record previously held by the Brazilian Ronaldo the “ Phenomenon”.
At Pedra Branca, the fans showed determination, dedication and enthusiasm. But on the field what we saw was tactical, technical and emotional lack of preparation. Meantime, Germany demonstrated football that was a pleasure to watch, one-two play goals, quick touches and players who knew what they wanted: to be the best in the world.
In the midst of such history we still need to know how to explain this defeat to the little one that were present at all the games, with painted arms and faces, and holding David Luiz as an idol. They just wanted to see Brazil and to hear talk of champions, just like you and me, and the entire Brazilian nation. We told them that Brazil did not deserve this defeat, but the fact that Brazil did not advance to the final and are has-been champions, does not make Brazil a second rate country, and that, despite this sad result, we should not be ashamed of being Brazilian.
The dream of a sixth championship ends, but the hope that Brazil may at least win 3rd place has not. Bring on the next and last opponent on Saturday.


It´s time to cheer for Brazil at Pedra Branca

The audience for the transmission of the Brazilian game this Friday (04), at Pedra Branca City, in Palhoça, may surprise once again. For the game against Cameroon a little over one thousand people where at the Central Plaza for the district, and against Chile, not even the rain ruined the party. Besides the giant LED screen of 5×3 metres, there will be a DJ, a penalty competition and the main event: the promise of much excitement for the final phase of the World Cup.
Among the attractions warm up by trading cards at the Covered Plaza and face painting in the colours of the flag, all along with great music to enliven the crowd. After the game, the party continues, with more sounds and a penalty contest, with prizes for the winners.
The giant screen at Rua da Copa transmits all the games of the World Cup. For more comfort chairs and pouffes have been scattered about. Along the street the flags of the participating teams of the World Cup have been hung and the shops are all decorated in green and yellow, besides the installation of cut-outs with illustrations of the players Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi for photos.